Thursday, April 11, 2013

Marking down Memories

I have got to start recording things about Mae that I know are going to leave my crazy, scattered mind soon! This forgetfulness and lack of efficiency are the REAL thing, people were not lying! So hear it goes:

 -I love your "O" face. It is so serious and so cute! You make a little O shape with your mouth and your daddy and I think you are the cutest when you do this!
-Daddy loves to say "kisses" and kiss you on the lips, you give great kisses back!
-YOU LOVE MAE'S SHUTTERS! We have 2 shutters mounted on the wall above our couch. Ever since day one you have been MESMERIZED by these and will look at them if you have to strain you neck to see them! Any time you are fussy we put you near the shutters and you are then calm! amazing!
 -When you sleep, you always roll onto your right side, even if we put you in all other kinds of positions.
-You loved the orange paci. when you were in the hospital, but now your favorite one is a pink one with an M on it. You definitely can tell the difference from ANY other one and won't have none of it!
-You love to snuggle in bed with mommy and daddy on weekend mornings.
 -You have found your hands and love sucking on them! You try to stick your whole hand in there sometimes! i am hoping you find your thumb soon so we don't have to track down that pink paci!
-You love the car and your car seat!
-We have found a pinkish/red birthmark on your scalp in your part...wonder if it will stay?
-You have learned to cluster feed at night before bed. YOU set your bed time at 7ish and let us know when it is time! A girl after he mom's own heart going to bed early! Even if you have eaten an hour before, you are ready for daddy to give you a bottle and go night night! Mom always sits on the bed and watches while she pumps your next night's feeding.

-You are the happiest and most smiley in the morning when mommy or daddy come in to get you for the day! It is like you have not seen us in years!
-You love your crib and have been sleeping at night in it from the first night! We are so proud of you! You are starting to nap in it too, since you sleep better there and like it so much!
-You only cry when you are past your feeding time or tired. The cry for feeding is loud and piercing, the cry for sleep is more of a whine and tired cry. Your eyes get glassy when you are tired!--We have tried a few formula bottles on you just to see. You don't really care for it, so we don't push it.
-You help mommy lose her baby weight by loving going on walks. You love to be outside. If you are fussy and its not time to eat yet, you will sit with mommy on the front porch for hours!

We love you so much K. Mae! Hope these memories last a lifetime!

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  1. Love this Leighton :) Hope to see sweet Mae again very soon!