Thursday, April 11, 2013

1st DR. visit

I think I was more nervous than she's office have always made me sick to my stomach. I walk in and I immediately think I have to get a shot. I HATE shots. and what's worse than a shot? Watching your baby as she is about to get one and she has NO idea and than BAM! The worst feeling in the world! She was such a champ though, she only cried for a few seconds and once I held her she was fine. She did have to get a heal price too, which was not as bad, but she still did not like it! Poor thing. 

This was her in the waiting stomach in knots, her just hanging out...

 Getting ready and she has NO clue :(

Yawning thinking she is getting pretty comfortable and might take a nap...


 BAM! So sad! and SO MAD!

  All better with clothes on, ready to leave this place!

Poor thing with her band-aid on her heal. Atleast it is OVER! whew!

One month old stats:
9 lb. 11 oz
15.5 in. head circumference
21.5 inches long
Dr. guessed 50-75 percentile since they don't do that for 1 month olds. 

2nd month check up is coming up May 7th and I DREAD it! Poor thing has to get FOUR shots! Who are these cruel people?????? 

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  1. The good news with the shots though, is that the bounce back time gets less and less as they get older. When Carter got his 2 month shots, he was fussy and sleepy all day long. By the time he was getting 12 month shots, he cried when they stuck him with the needle but he was done crying before we ever left the room. She is absolutely precious Leighton!