Thursday, January 26, 2017


The one who completed our family is TWO. I can not believe it and this has been the hardest birthday by far. It's made me realize we are done having babies in our home. We have two little girls now. I keep calling her my baby because, that, she will always be.

We started out her birthday celebration having our closest friends and some family over on Sunday for cupcakes, snacks, and fun! We had almost 50 people come to celebrate our sweet baby girl...she is so well loved!

On Monday, we woke her up singing to her and with kisses and candles. She took cupcakes to her friends at school and got to celebrate there as well.

We had lots of face times and calls from sweet friends and family. She loved the video messages the best and kept watching them over and over saying "hey" to each person thinking they could hear her!

We met daddy for pizza to celebrate the birthday girl and took the girls bowling for the first time. We all had a blast!

Maggie girl. You are my heart. You show me a love that I thought I could never expand after having Mae. I love you in such a different way. Some days I wonder if I could ever love you more tan I do, because I just do not even see how it is possible. You and your sister are best friends. You are fire and ice, sweet and sassy and I love it. Strong willed, but oh so cuddly and snuggly. You love music, dancing, being independent, naps, food, and your mommy and daddy. Happy Birthday to you sweet baby, we love you always. 

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