Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Phone Dump

The summer has flown by, and for us, it is still ticking on until Labor Day when Mae's WeeSchool starts back up. We have had a fun summer as a family of 4 and life is full of laughs with our two girls. Here is our summer as I do a quick phone dump:

Morning snuggles and breakfast in bed:

Indoor picnics and playdates:

Our summer addiction, Chipotle:

I started snapping some shots and using my editing software:

Too cool for school:

Lots of snuggles and naps:

Realizing they can be friends with each other:

Girls nights:

Getting stuck in our attic trying to fix our air conditioner:

Coordinating outfits: 

We take this purse e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e.:

Plane watching:

Tree cutting:

Loving on each other:

Friends visiting:

Potty breaks:

Library time:


Lots of walks:

Chickfila Cow appreciation day, one year later:

Watermelon Eating:

Arts and crafts with neighbors:

Clifford exhibit Uptown:

She loves pretending to be like mama:


Shoe Shopping with daddy:

All smiles:

All kisses:

Two peas in a pod:

We have seen one MILLION fire trucks:

Eating this girl with a spoon:

After nap snuggles and snacks:

Fingernail Painting:


Smiles with friends:


Mama hair cuts:

Visiting daddy at work and leaving him with a surprise:

LOTS of pool dates:

Date nights:

Honey-do Lists on my new Emily Ley notepad:

Sparkly bandaids for awful shots:

Celebrating birthdays:

Sitting up and Standing up:

Stealing snuggles:

Story time with our neighbor:

We can't get enough of summer. Mommy and daddy leave for a beach getaway tomorrow and we have another family beach trip next week! Plenty more to squeeze in before schools starts!

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