Thursday, August 13, 2015

Parent Play Date

We had a quick getaway last weekend sans kiddos. It was perfect in so many ways. We had a great time and I got a much needed trip to rejuvenate and come back refreshed to my girls! The Wilsons invited us to their amazing beach house in Ocean Isle. Our first time to a North Carolina beach! From great conversation, lots of belly laughs, games, dancing, the town concert night, yummy food, a shrimp boil, beach sitting, and more...we had a blast.

The golf cart was so fun to ride around in, to and from the beach, to the concert, and for beer runs. It even had wood-grain!

Sweet Kehler, had monogrammed wine glasses for the girls when we got there. This southern girl, LOVED that!

My view for most of the trip! We also played the MOST fun game ever! We placed a cheap sand dollar from the beach tourist store on fishing line in the shoreline. As people were walking we would real it in with the fishing pole. It was HILARIOUS watching people chase it, look up and laugh, or grab their friends to try to trick them. Best. Game. Ever. 

Our trip planner. She did pretty darn good. 

I marked paddle boarding off of my bucket list. And am proud to say I didnt fall! I wish Ryan could say the same :)

My cute date for the weekend.

The good old golf cart again! We took turns. 

The concert in Ocean Isle Beach town center. We learned what the term "beach music' means to North Carolina folk!

Just the girls. This was right before I laughed the hardest I have ever laughed in my entire life. ;)

Some things I want to remember from this trip:
Peach Emojis
Cards Against Humanity
Roast beef sandwiches
The trust tree
"Beach Music"
Dance parties
Trying crab legs and almost throwing up
Sweet Gus
The Wilson's inability to apply sunscreen
The Sandollar game
Prince William
Katie's husbands qualities
yummy breakfasts
My first trip to an irrigation store
Our personal bartender
"I've got some good friends, that live down the street"
Creating great memories with great neighbors!

The clan! What a fun weekend! Looking forward to our "reunion" in a few weeks for a date night in Charlotte. I used the term "reunion" loosely...they live right down the street! I am one lucky girl!

Now on to a family beach trip tomorrow! Packing it in before school starts back!

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