Thursday, July 23, 2015

365 divided by 2

Maggie is 6 months! I can't even take it. It baffles me how quick half of a year went by! We love this girl so much and our hearts could burst! So much has happened this month that I want to remember:

She is sitting up for the most part. Not 100% stable, but definitely would rather be sitting up in most situations. 

Her dark hair has fallen out and a lighter color is growing in. Sometimes I see blonde, sometimes an Auburn color (like I used to have as a child). We are so eager to see. Her eyebrows are definitely an Auburn color. Her skin is still very fair, so opposite of her sister! Her eyes are still blue (taking after the Johnson side)

She is officially belly laughing all of the time. It is awesome. All three of us (me, Ryan, and Mae) can get her to belly laugh on almost all occasions. She is SUPER ticklish. 

We started baby food a little after she turned 5 months because she digressed in sleep and I felt like she was ready. After 2.5 weeks of it going great, she started to gag and refused to eat. So we stopped for a few days and started back slowly. Now she is loving it. She DOES NOT like anything green (peas, green beans, spinach) but loves butternut squash, apples, pears, peaches, mangos, prunes, and sweet potatoes. She isnt a fan of carrots, but just recently ate a mix of apples and carrots. She sucks her thumb in between bites and its the cutest thing I have ever witnessed. 

She is super sensitive to touch. Whether we are bathing her, changing her clothes or diaper, she squirms at any extra stimulation. So funny. 

We thought she was getting her first tooth last week (like her sister did at this age) but now realize it was just a growth spurt. I despise growth spurts for the record. Throws this TYPE A mom totally for a loop. She also had a slight cold in that mix, so she wasn't her happy-easy self. Poor baby. 

We drug out the jump jump gym for her to play in and the walker, both which she loves. Her sister loves her in them and plays with her as she thinks its just too cool! Mae is realizing Maggie is going to be her best friend and they have such a sweet relationship forming. 

Mae loves reading her books, bringing her toys, helping me change her diaper and more. If she is fussing, Mae is right there using her "mommy voice" trying to soothe her. Maggie adores her. 

On July 15th we introduced the sippy cup with water only and she took it like a champ all on her own. She drank too much and it scared the daylights out of me as she acted like she was drowning, so its definitely monitored and not a task we do too often. 

She is still exclusively breastfed and I have to admit: I am super proud of myself. I didnt last this long with Mae. It is just going so much better this time. My milk supply is better, I understand my body better, realize what makes or break my supply, and it is just easier this go around for our schedule and having a 2 year old. My mom swore I wouldnt last as long with baby #2, but I am glad to prove her wrong for once. Hehe. 

On July 16rh, we finally were able to drink from a size 3 nipples (took her long enough) but she would rather have the size 2 if she could chose. Just takes that nighttime bottle feeding (of pumped milk) last longer, but Ryan loves this time with her. He did the same with Mae, and it is their little bonding sweet. 

Yesterday, on July 22nd, she realized she can scream and yell with her voice and thinks its hysterical. So do the rest of us. 

I hate to admit this, but this girl LOVES her some TV. I try not to have it on much during the day, but when it is on, she will strain her head backwards and upside down if she has to, so that she can see the TV. She is a girl after her daddy's own heart!

I can not believe a whole 1/2 of a year has gone by. We are loving each new thing she learns and are sad to see the tiny little newborn grow up. However, it is TOO fun having two girls and even though I never thought we would be parents of two girls...we LOVE every second and wouldnt have it any other way. Thank you sweet Maggie girl for completing our family. We love you!

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