Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Our little chunky monkey turned 7 months on Sunday and we snapped a few iPhone (eek!) pictures of her right before church. I never knew my heart could grow any bigger after having Mae, and yet, it has doubled in size. My heart melts for this sweet girl. She is the sweetest, snuggliest, fun little nugget and is the perfect piece to finish our Harbuck puzzle. 

She is loving being the baby of the family. Her sister can make her laugh the hardest, and she loves to be spoiled...which we can't turn down. We give in just a little, since she is our last baby for us! Soaking in each and every movement as she grows and changes each and every day. 

She is sitting up completely by herself and puts every thing possible in her mouth. That would make you think she is teething, but no, she isnt. She is taking her sweet time on getting teeth. Her sister had 4-5 by now! Maggie says "whatevs' to teeth! 

She loves playing with her feet, talking LOUDLY for everyone to hear, and squealing at us to get our attention. 

Maggie loves pushing up on her hands, but is no where near showing interest in crawling. Her sister had been crawling laps by this stage. Yet again, she is soaking up being the baby of the family. 

She continues to be extremely sensitive to touch. She hates having her face wiped, nose wiped, or hands cleaned. She loves a good bath though and sits up in the bath splashing away with her sister. 

She had her 2nd beach trip of the summer and loved watching the waves and listening to the sound. She has had a slight runny nose since we have been back and decided to pretend she was a newborn again waking every few hours. Thankfully she is coming out of it now...slowly by surely. Thank God. 

She loves her swing, bouncey seats, jump-jump, music, bumbo, any thing small enough to fit in her hands and chew on, and being tickled. Her laugh is to die for. We love you sweet girl! Stay little and stop growing so fast!

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