Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Party of 4

It's true! Harbuck family member #4 coming the end of January! We are beyond blessed and excited!

Mae now has big sister status. I cant believe my sweet baby will be a big sister. Already have started the mixed emotions of rocking her world with a sibling, but I know she will love it! 

Here are some pregnancy fun facts this go around:

-I am obsessed with Chuy's salsa. I could eat it with a spoon. With Mae I craved pizza.

-The babes will be 23 months apart give or take. Our plan was 2 years, so close enough! 

-I gained 30 lbs. with Mae, and then lost 44. So as of this pregnancy, I am 14 lbs. less than when I started with Mae. Since my first appt. I gained a lb. and then lost it, so I am even as of now...let the weight gain begin. :/

-I am not nearly as sick as I was with Mae. Have had a few sick moments, throwing up in the very public YMCA parking lot to be exact, but for the most part have felt ok. Not great, just. 

-I am super tired, but this week the energy is slowly coming back. I cant decide if it has been because of pregnancy, or chasing around a 1 year old. Probably, both

-My original due date was Feb. 1. After my ultrasounds they moved it to Jan. 27. 

-I grow big babies. Mae was 8 lb. 11 oz. Ryan, myself, and both of our siblings with high 8 lb babies. OMG. holy pain. Let's just say I hope this baby comes early like the wives tale of 2nd babies coming early. This one doesnt need to bake anymore than it should! 

-I think this time around is a boy. Ryan thinks its a girl. We both had same predictions last time, and you see who won that one. 

-heartbeat is high the past 2 times, so was Mae's...

-I HONESTLY can say I will be thrilled with either a boy or girl. This is why:  I have always wanted a sister and would love for Mae to have a sister to share life with. Plus, they are born in the same season and can wear the exact same clothes. $ saver! If it is a boy, Ryan would be in hog heaven. What guy doesnt want a fishing, hunting, sports watching, buddy. I want that for Ryan. Plus, I hear this mommy/son connection is out of this world. Ryan and Mae have the sweetest relationship I have ever seen...I think he would be ok with another girl too, just because of his love for Mae. We are both scared we cant love another child as much as we love Mae. I know that will change. I hope ;)

-We will NOT be getting induced this time, unless doctor's orders. (She has already hinted it, since I make big babies). Don't get me wrong, I loved the ease of being induced with Mae and it was so relaxed. But, I was obsessed with my doctor and she was pregnant too and we were chasing time. She had her baby 4 days later, so we really were cutting it close. I am so glad she delivered Mae and will forever remember her role in my pregnancy. This go around, we are in a bigger city, with a bigger practice. I will more than likely have some random doctor, so why not have the fun of going into labor on my own! 

-We have a boy name picked out and a girl name picked out. Both are family names and have been in our list for years. They both start with M's. We shall see! 

-I was exercising a lot more before this pregnancy than with Mae, so I am trying to keep it up. Remember I stated that I was tired? Well, because of that I have limited my working out to one day a week at the gym and walking every day in the neighborhood. Now that 1st trimester is over, I am going to try to go back to 3 days a week at the gym. I heart classes. 

-God is so good. I am beyond thankful and realize how blessed we are to have gotten pregnant so quickly with both babes. I pray for a healthy pregnancy and baby this go around as well. As I pray for that, I also am in prayer for my sweet friends who are struggling to get pregnant. I can't imagine what they are going through and I know why their heart aches and longs for their own babe. I can't help by question 'WHY?" but I know the Lord has a plan for all those who believe in him. Just wish their baby would come sooner than later! 

Be truly glad. There is wonderful joy ahead! I Peter 1:6

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  1. so happy to read this! congrats!!! you will love them just the same do not worry yourself with that. it is a natural instinct for the both of you!