Tuesday, July 1, 2014

One Draw Back

As many of you had heard on more than one occassion...we love Charlotte...we do. We are loving every bit of our new city, making new friends, new neighbors, learning how to get around, getting to know our new church, new restuarants, and just the ins-and-outs of this wonderful city.

One of the very few draw backs, is being so far away from family and friends. We are used to being a quick day trip to see them and be at all and every event. That is not the case anymore. Since we have been here we having missed 1st birthdays, wedding showers, baby showers, birthdays, weddings and other holidays. It is just not as easy to hop in the car with a one year old and ALL of her stuff, plus ours. My heart seriously hurts when I think about the 3 weddings that we have recently missed. 3 very dear and near people to me and my family.

Top middle is one of my friends from college and later living in Auburn. I met her through one of my good friend's and sorority sisters and fell in love with their family.  She is the most creative, fun, energetic, person! She always has the most fun parties and tailgates and loves our sweet Mae Mae in such a sweet way! She is known for her fabulous glitter signs. They got married last weekend in Rosemary beach. Congrats Ray and Laurie!

The bottom left is sweet Ashley Bennett. I grew up babysitting for this family. She has grown into such a sweet, Christian young lady and I am so happy for her and Nick. I love her family so much and am so thankful for their lifelong friendship!

The bottom right is Katelyn Sutherland. Even though she chose that dreaded, other school "Bama", she is such a cutie! We were neighbors, and I babysat for her when she was little. Our parents are really good friends and have had so many lake trips together I cant even count. Katelyn followed in my footsteps and became a first grade teacher and I helped guide her through the interviewing process and landing that first job! I am so happy for her and Allen!

So happy for these newlyweds and wish the best for their lifelong marriages! Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Lowery, Mr. and Mrs. Perkins, and Mr. and Mrs. Greer!

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