Monday, October 7, 2013

Some more re-do's

Mom, my friend Rachel, and I hit up a few neighborhood garage sales for some furniture 'bases'. I say bases, because we are going with a 'rustic chic' look in our new antique booth! So we are finding good pieces with great 'bones' and giving them a makeover and a new look! We are having fun with it and just have had the booth for a week! I miss having mine in Auburn, mom has hers in Birmingham, so I found a partner in crime to do it with in Montgomery, and here is another project I started on! At the yard sales, I found a coffee table with a broken leg (5), a coat rack (3), a glass dome(1) with base, a cross (1), and a side table (10). Mom found a chair, some trellis, and some other odds ends. Rachel found a shelf, 2 tables, a bowl, and an awesome secretary! Needless to say, we had room for the furniture but not for us!

I started with a base of white for this coffee table after fixing the broken leg. PS. I scored this beauty for 5 bucks! It needed some love:

Of course, Mae monitored in her diaper:

I then went over the white with a light gray, seal point, and then sanded away, and Voila!

I am pleased with the final product. Put a price tag of $52 on it. Will take a picture of the booth to show yall soon! 

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