Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Boo to you!

Leave it to me to get crafty with Halloween decor, the week before Halloween. I will say, to save my tail, that I have had Halloween decor up at our house since Oct. 1, however its been the same stuff I put up every year and honestly it was the corny stuff I accumulated from my sweet students at each holiday season that they would shower me with! So today, I went to Hobby Lobby, for the 100th time. I think they know us by name there. They have seen Mae in her PJ's, one too many times this week! So I started with some stencils, some old burlap leftover from my front door project, and got to work!

I have decided it would have been easier to cut each letter stencil out next time. I will do that soon for another banner project. 

I added some twine and viola! 
(I was so patient this time and didn't have to get out the trusty hair dryer for it to dry! Yay, me!)

I added some orange burlap bows on the end to cover up the twine ties. 
(Disclaimer: I did nail in two nail tacks to the fireplace top to secure the twine. sshh, dont tell our landlords or my hubby! I told you I dont like this house, so whats one less 'oops'! ;)) On that note, hoping to find out soon if we will stay here (buy a house) or be transferred somewhere else! So anxious to here!

Now, we get to enjoy it for let's say....a WEEK! Next year I promise to get crafty earlier! 
Now, to think about Thanksgiving decor. Gobble, gobble!

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  1. So cute Leighton! I am a HUGE burlap banner fan. I have them for every holiday and season!