Monday, July 6, 2015

The Fourth

We had a great week last week with Nonna and K-Pa. Sadly, my phone storage filled up and Ryan has all my pictures on his harddrive at work, but we had a fabulous visit with them. Mae and Maggie were spoiled yet again with clothes, gifts, play-mates, bath givers, and caretakers. In the midst of all of that, we had some fun pool visits, mommy and daddy got a date night AND and date lunch, and mommy even got a mani-pedi with Nonna and lunch out. Perfect trip. We were sad to see them go, to say the least.

However, we couldn't have had a better weekend. Daddy got off work a little early Thursday afternoon (which is VERY rare these days) and we headed straight to the pool! Before bed, Mae and I had a little mother/daughter time. We bathed, braided our hair the same, and made cookies!

Friday, Ryan had the day off, and we had breakfast in bed from our tride and true-Chickfila. We took the girls to the playground, lunch out as a family, and a little shopping.

Saturday, the fourth of July, we started the day off by decorating the wagon for our neighborhood parade. Mommy and daddy fixed mimosas and we enjoyed the parade with friends. 

After the parade, we changed and headed straight to the pool. Dont judge us, but we always let Mae "drive" (It is only 100 yards away. We just have to take the car because we have so much STUFF these days! 

American flag bathing suits, Everywhere!

The BEST part of the day is when daddy offered to take the girls home for naps and I got time BY MY SELF, ALONE! for 3 hours!!!! It was unbelievable!!! Best. hubby. award. 

The clan joined me back at the pool after naps for a bit and then we headed to a friends house for cooking out and sparklers. 

We finished the night with two sleeping babies, TURNED up sound machines to zone out the fireworks, and Ryan and I enjoyed the fireworks snuggled on our front steps. Perfection.

On Sunday, we had a birthday party for some twins turning 1! I took Mae so we could have some one on one time, and daddy held the fort down with Maggie. We finished the weekend with a bang by eating out as a family, because after a weekend of fun, who has time for cooking and cleaning? Not me. 

I love my family and am so thankful for those who have fought for our freedom so that I can have weekends like this to reflect, enjoy, and be thankful! God Bless America!

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  1. 1. Mae's little purse!!! ADORE!
    2. No judgement on driving. Jax pretty much drives our neighborhood!
    3. Can't wait to visit....and hopefully soon!!