Monday, April 27, 2015

Can't forget...

Mae is at such a fun age right now and makes us full on belly laugh every day. I wanted to record some things that I never ever want to forget...more for me than you I am sure, but just bare with me!

Mae loves sunglasses and hates the sun in her eyes. My sweet friend Jess and her mom, Mrs. Konie sent us these for the girls...we love them!

She knows her ABC's, colors, animals, and can now communicate what she wants to us. She has a fantastic memory. Her facial expressions kill me! And she is obsessed with shoes...putting them on, taking them off, and choosing her own to put on each day! 

Her happy place...outside. She loves to be outside any time she can. 

I love playing dress up with her. She is really getting good at smiling for the camera and being my little model. She has more clothes and fashion sense then I do!

Her favorite part of the day is saying "Up, here!" and getting the counter to help me cook. 

She has the sweetest spirit and loves to please her mommy and daddy. She LOVES to be tickled, loves her some Mickey Mouse (only show she will sit and watch) and just recently found a love for "Let it Go" (Frozen movie) since our recent trip to Birmingham. 

She is obsessed with being a big sister and loves her sister something special. It is the sweetest relationship. I am so glad she has the sister I never have had. She talks to her in her mama voice and it melts me. 

She loves to play dress up and have a 'ponty-tail', She has memorized the entire "Brown Bear Brown Bear, what do you see?" book and loves to read it to us. 

She loves any and all kinds of art and crafts. She can count to 14 and has decided she doesn't love Eli, our dog, anymore. 

This past weekend we got her her first baseballs and bat. She loves to watch any sports with her daddy, especially golf. She has her own miniature golf ball and her and daddy play golf, lots!

Every day when she wakes up from the night or her nap, she knocks on the wall to let me know she is up. Hysterical. She can NOT stand to have her teeth brushed and has been fighting it for the longest. 

Bubbles are her favorite past time. Bubble bath, bubble machine, blowing bubbles. She loves her scooter, baby doll strollers(all 3 of them), and going on walks where SHE gets to walk. 

She has a new hate for riding in the stroller, especially the one her mama just spent way too much money on for her and her sister to ride together. She loves to feed the ducks and go to our neighborhood playground.

Her belly gets SO big after she eats...on the note, she is a pretty good eater considering she is a two year old. She eats pretty healthy when mommy is around. She loves music, dancing, and singing. She really enjoys school, her friends at school, and her teacher. 

We can NOT get enough of her and I am sure she tires of all of our kisses. We give her millions a day. Our heart could explode for her and her sister. 

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