Friday, April 24, 2015

3 down...

Yesterday was Maggie's 3 month mini birthday. We are loving every day with our sweet new addition and she could not have fit into our little family any more perfectly. People immediately say she looks like her sister, but honestly they do not favor as of now. They each have their own look.

No doctors appt. this month, which means NO shots! Whew! If I had to guess she is 12.5 lbs. or closer to 13. 

She is still exclusively nursing. It is going great and very convenient easy for me this go round. She nurses 4 times a day and gets a night time pumped bottle still from daddy. Usually around 6 ounces. She can burp like a grown man. Daddy is proud. 

As mentioned before, she is continuing to sleep through the night, plus NO swaddle and NO paci! It is been life changing for us all! So proud of her! 

She is still a major spit-upper, unlike her sister. She spits up atleast 2 times after each feeding. We try to keep her as still as we can, but it is hard when big sister is around!

She is napping wonderful, as she always has. She goes down awake, fusses for less than a minute usually or none at all and is out! 

She has found her thumb, and it is the cutest thing I have ever seen, might I add. I am so thankful that helps her self soothe, and I know one day we will have to break her of it, but if she is like her sister, it won't be too hard. 

She loves being outside. Whether in the driveway in her bouncy seat, going on walks, or just sitting on the front porch. Vitamin D does a sister good. Her mama, too. 

This week was the first time for me to hit the gym again. Maggie went in the nursery both times and they said she was an absolute angel. I put her in there asleep in her car-seat, but of course when I would pick her up she was in someones arms giving some snuggles out. I don't blame them. She is super good at snuggling. 

She loves riding in the car, but hear me now, if you dare stop at a stop sign or red light, she acts like a limb is falling off. As soon as the car starts going again, she is good to go. 

She loves to laugh, coo, and smile at us. She is easy to please and a go-with-the-flow baby. Praise the Lord! She has the sweetest, softest little voice and loves to hear herself talk. We have some great conversations. 

She loves the bouncy seat and her play mat. Sadly, she gets placed there a few times a day so I can tend to her sister. I am really trying to have some one on one time with each girl, so thankfully they have both learned to have some alone time while I am with the other. 

On that note, while Mae is at school, I steal extra snuggles. I am a schedule-nazi normally, but I use those school days for me to 'screw the schedule' and snuggle my girl! We have lunch dates with daddy and make sure she feels like she is the only child for a few hours! She loves it deep down, I know I do. 

Maggie's besties right now are baby Aly Wilken (5 weeks apart) 
and baby Luke Gentile (1 week apart). 

When the TV is on (not very often when daddy isnt home, but when he is, it stays on pretty regularly...insert sad face) we catch Maggie gazed at the lights and sounds coming from that big rectangle. I think she is going to like Mickey like her sister. 

Her cry is the sweetest thing I have ever heard. It is not loud, it is sweet and soft and innocent. It melts me. I have only seen real tears a handful of times. 

These adorable glasses, my bestie from high school and her sweet mama sent these for the girls. Maggie did not BUDGE with them on and loved not having the sun in her eyes. Hilarious. 

We love you sweet Maggie girl! We can not imagine our family without you in it and you definitely complete our little family. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

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