Monday, September 29, 2014


This year has been full of travels. We started off the year in California, LA to be exact, and I just got back last night from Charleston, SC to mark both sides of the coast. In between, we visited Kiawah Island, Birmingham, Atlanta, Huntsville, Ryan to Vegas, and then we head to Auburn this weekend for the LSU game. To finish our travels for this year, Ryan and I will be headed to Highlands, NC for our 5th, yes FIFTH omg, wedding anniversary. After that, no more traveling, hence the babe on the way. Thankful for friends coming at the end of this month, and family coming for the holidays so that this pregnant mama can stay put!

Charleston was a blast with my friends from Huntsville! From shopping, eating way too much, walking a ton, sight seeing, laughing, ghost tours, a catamaran water ride, and SLEEPING in, this mama had a great relaxing time!

Thankful for lifelong friends who we can pick up where we left off and pretend like we live closer! 

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