Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Life Updates

We have been super busy lately with house reno's, out of town guests, traveling, and soaking up time with our little 16 month (tomorrow) old!

Here is our life in pictures for the past few weeks: 

Before we left for vacation we visited daddy at work!

We had a fun trip to Kiawah Island in SC with our cousins. 

The trip wore her out!

We have spent lots of time reading, Mae's favorite thing to do: 

We have gone to the splash pad with friends:

We even snuck in some Chuy's, mommy's new addiction: 

Mommy and daddy had a fun night out at a local brewery in Charlotte, for the Auburn Alumni Club event. The owner of the brewery went to Auburn!

We got lots snuggles in: 

And love play time with our neighbor Saylor: 

Mae has turned into a monkey and climbs on everything she can:

We have had tons of pool time: 

And love pretending to be a mommy to her baby dolls:

We have had Mae's BB and Buck in town for a nice visit. They were so gracious to let mommy catch up on sleep, play with our girl at the park and pool, feed the ducks, sing and dance, daily. Mae loves her grandparents!

We are loving every second with our girl. She makes every thing, every day, every minute better. 

(PS sorry for all of the bad quality photos from my phone. 
I have full intentions of using my Nikon again soon!)

In other news, our new backsplash is up and running, just needs some grout and electrical outlets changed out tonight! 
Stay tuned for that blog post!


  1. Love and lots of fun! Mae little tummy is sooo cute!

    1. thanks so much! Her tummy is HUGE after she eats! its so funny! Hope you are doing well!