Sunday, April 13, 2014

No more cold!

We are so thankful for the warmer weather! I hate being cold and even more hate cold weather! So ready for it to be warm for good!

We had a fun day at our friend, Webber's house enjoying some sun on Thursday! 

We spent the majority of the day yesterday in the garage building things! Ryan updated the light fixtures so he can woodwork at night and see better. While he was working, I built some boxes out of some scrap wood we had. I stained them and put them under two lamps in our living room to give them some height behind our couch! Ryan was impressed with my wood working skills! I have been learning through all of his hard work lately! Mae and I snuggled while we watched daddy work. 

Ryan built this awesome gate for our back deck so Mae and I can enjoy outside without Eli all over us. Plus, she is stuck with me and can't escape!

I took a quick trip to Old Time Pottery and got a new umbrella for 20 bucks! I was so pumped! I spent way too much a few years back on a Pottery Barn one, and it ruined I figured if I can get a cheap one each year it turns out just as good!


After our long days work, it was nice to unwind and relax with our new neighbors! They pulled their TV outside for the Master's and all the kids played in the cul-de-sac. Love our new friends and neighbors!

This morning, we all got up at 7:40 a.m. and made the executive decision to try the 8:00 service. We were there dressed and ready at 8:05. Super family powers. We have been struggling with which sermon to go to each Sunday, with Mae's morning nap schedule, so we thought we would try it! It was perfect and we all napped when we got home! Made for a long afternoon of Master's watching!

When we woke up, we headed to lunch nearby, and now are relaxing watching golf in our Master's gear daddy got us! Ryan went this year and last so we have lots! 

Perfect weekend if I do say so myself, warm weather and all! Ready for this week. We will be getting ready for my parents to come for Easter weekend! Hurry up Friday!

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