Tuesday, April 29, 2014

He is Risen!

We had a wonderful Easter with my family, here in Charlotte! We woke up to cinnamin rolls and 3 Easter baskets! One from BB and Buck, one from Nonna and K Paw, and one from the Easter bunny! 

When I was younger my grandmother always got her grandkids bathing suits for Easter, so I decided to carry on the tradition last Easter for Mae. Here is her bathing suit for this year!

We went to a lovely service at our new church, where Mae will start WeeSchool in the fall. 


I am forever grateful that the tomb was EMPTY and HE IS RISEN! Thank you sweet Jesus! Happy Easter! 


  1. So sweet! Glad you guys had a great Easter! Mae looks beyond precious in her dress!

  2. I heart Mae!!! Such a sweet DOLL!