Thursday, April 3, 2014

Filling up fast...

Our days have been filling up so fast here in Charlotte...Ryan is working his little hiney off, Mae and I are just letting the good times roll! We have been going to the park often...there are tons all over Charlotte, but my favorite is in our neighborhood! It is my favorite because it is walking distance and Mae is not a huge fan of the car seat these days, so anytime we can take a wagon or stroller, Life is GOOD!

We have met wonderful neighbors with kids, so we meet them lots at the park!

We love hanging out in the front yard...hoping this warmer weather will stay!

We have also have been to lots of play dates...some with neighbors, there are 5 girls that we get together with about once a week. We have also met up with a friend from college and her kiddos recently too! Play dates at our houses, and more recently, a play date uptown! We went to Imagion and for lunch afterwards! Emily and I worked at JH Ranch together, too, so it's fun to see how the Lord brought us back together!

Today, we are waiting for the IN-LAWS to arrive! We are celebrating Ryan's 30th early with them tonight, and then headed off for a mommy-daddy getaway to Austin, Texas! 
Mae will be spoiled rotten when we return! 

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