Friday, December 27, 2013

10 months! 2 more to go!

Our photo shoots are getting more and more bare with me! 

I cant believe we are so close to 1 year! Time goes so fast! I just can not believe it! Each month gets more and more fun with Mae and this month tops it with Christmas celebrations!

Mae is pretty much eating every fruit, veggie, and meat! We have cut out baby food, only because its easier for her to eat what we eat. We try to do things she can pick up with her hands, because it is usually when I am cooking our meal, so its easier for her to feed herself. She loves LOVES cheese, unlike her mother, and is taking a sippy cup at lunch. We are starting a sippy cup for her afternoon bottle as well then will start cutting out her morning and night time bottle. She will be on sippy cup by 1 year if not earlier!

Mae has LOTS of new tricks! She loves to throw her hands in the air when we ask her "Mae, how big are you?" and then we say "SO BIG!" when she throws them in the air. We think its hysterical and so cute! The best way for us to get her to laugh is asking 'what does Eli say?" she thinks its hysterical when we bark like him or read about a dog barking in a book. 

Mae is continuing to sleep like a champ. She has always slept from 7-7 but she is not stretching to 720, 730, and some days 740! The sad part is we dont know how to sleep in anymore, so we are up before her! She still takes 2 naps a day, one at 9 am and one at 1:30ish. She goes down happy and wakes up happy unless something is wrong (dirty diaper, overstimulated, etc)


Her favorite words these days are 'dada' and 'uh-oh'. We recently got her a cd player and she LOVES to dance! She bounces up and down and sometimes even gets LOW! ha! Mommy wont teach her those dance moves until she is older! ;)

We upgraded Mae's carseat (Thanks BB and Buck!). She is still facing backwards, but just recently hit around the 20 lb. mark we think (based off of weighing ourselves then weighing with her, and deducting) She loves that she can see herself in the mirror I have set up and she can see out of the window! 

Mae is very active and moving all over the place! She still LOVES books and will sit still for anyone to read a book to her! She is walking all over the place while holding on to things and standing by herself for longer periods of time. We might have a walker on our hands by 11 months! We shall see!

Mae LOVES her red wagon and anytime we can we go on strolls and bundle up! We usually take Eli, and she thinks its hilarious! She claps and laughs the whole time! She loves being outside!

We are starting to put shoes on her more and more since she is starting to stand and walk assisted. She can manage to pull them off and even thought sometimes she doesn't even notice them. 

When she is about to touch something she is not supposed to she will get really close and slowly turn looking at us to see if its ok. If we say NO Ma'am she usually will press her limits but listen. She thinks its funny. 

Ryans favorite thing she does right now, is she will take her hand and more our head really hard to the side to play with our ear. It is so funny to see her so feisty. 

We had our first pedicure together at the nail place on Dec. 3. She did great and loves watching the lady do Mommy's toes, watching the water etc. She just sat and watched! 

We just recently realized we were parting her hair the wrong way, ha! It layed easier the other way but not that she is getting more hair we have realized the crown of her head and that it parts the other way, oops!

We love you Mae Monster and look forward to moving to Charlotte and creating a home as a family of 3 in our new state!

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