Monday, February 28, 2011


Ryan and I had the pleasure of going to IGNITE at our church from home in Birmingham this weekend. It is a 2 day marriage retreat. We went to it last year and it was AMAZING! Both Ryan and I got so much out of it and refer back to what we learned so many times. So we went again this year and it was so good again! Church of the Highlands is a bitter sweet time for us. WE MISS THAT CHURCH SO MUCH AND KNOW it would help us continue to grow so much if we could have stayed there...However, it is so nice to go back for holidays and times we are back in town as well. SOmetimes we catch ourselves sprawled out on our office floor watching the online messages together, yet we miss the fellowship and the worship. We are so excited about implementing what we have learned this past weekend and last year and look forward to going to this conference each year to keep us on track. Yesterday, on my run, I could not help my pray the entire time for Ryan. I am so thankful for our marriage and every part of our life! God is good!

Here is sweet Ryan last year at IGNITE 2010:

I had to get a simliar picture this year too at IGNITE 2011

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  1. Yeah!! I am so pumped you were able to go!! I totally wish we could've been there. Clint promised me that next year, he won't have to work and we will get to go too! Leighton, check your calendar. I still want you to go to the LIFE retreat. May 13th and 14th. Love Leah