Sunday, March 6, 2011

Team Harbro

We did it! We all finished the 10k! It was hard, but so fun to finish with our good friends! We started the training together. We picked up our race numbers and packets on Saturday. I was 19 Ryan was 20.Joey and Ryan were NOT happy we had signed them up for this. They have come up with every excuse in the BOOK not to do this race. Sick, hurt, rain, cold, you name it, they came up with it. We were so excited we had them trapped!

But they surprised us and actually DID IT! We all finished! Go Harbuck's and Dambro's, aka team Harbro! Joey and Elizabeth at the finish line way after they finished.

Team Harbuck! I was proud I reached my goal of running the whole thing. Ryan was only 1 minute behind me! I was SO impressed!

So the girls successfully dragged out husband's into this with us and we did it!