Friday, July 9, 2010

So, I have a new hobby!

I have invested in a sewing machine and am ADDICTED! Here are some of my finished products! Let me know if you ever need to place an order for a gift for that special someone!

This is a monogrammed Pottery Barn cocktail napkin for a special friend who is about to change her last name to an 'S'. :)
And these lovely towels are going to be sold in the clothing boutique I work at in Huntsville! I am so excited and so thankful for the sweet owner allowing me to sell some!

Stay tuned for new products!


  1. Hey Leighton! It's Michelle from the mom's small group you babysat for last fall. I saw your blog on Laura Gail's so I jumped over to see ya! So funny - I recently did a post about my new sewing addiction! Ever since I've had Gracie I've been all about sewing her cutie outfits. I haven't gotten an embroidery machine yet but I have 2 friends that let me use theirs and I LOVE it!! It's such an easy way to personalize EVERYTHING! Glad you're doing well! Our blog is - come visit some time:)

  2. Hey Leighton! What kind of machine do you have? And does is have a monogrammer included? I am thinking of buying a machine, but don't know what would be best. Your stuff is super cute!

  3. cute stuff, i was wondering what kind of machine you got too! i have been wanting to start going this kind of stuff (esp before i have babies... i want everything monnogramed :)

  4. Sooo exciting!! They all look great! Proud of you! I need to stop in the store soon :)

  5. Would I know the person changing her last name to an "S" ???? :))