Sunday, July 25, 2010


Everyday I seriously take a step back atleast once, to know I am thankful for so many people in Ryan and my life. This week we had the pleasure of hosting our moms and their best friends. My mom (who I am wearing her wedding dress cut off in the picture above) came with Linda Sain (my 2nd mom) on Tuesday. We watched the recorded bachelorette and ordered pizza. We spent a few hours in my classroom, SO thankful for their help, and then celebrated my mom's bithday at lunch and pedicures! I surprised mom with a famous Huntsville Gigi's cupcake that we all shared! :)

Ryan's AMAZING mother and WONDERFUL friend, my friend too, Jackie Sweatt, traveled here Thursday through Saturday and we enjoy Ryan's softball game, dinners, lunch, an ice cream trip, walks with the dogs, shopping, classroom help, MAJOR classroom help, and great conversation! I am SO thankful to them for their classroom is now finished! Oh yeah, in case you didnt know I got a 1st grade position at a great Huntsville school! Yay!

Thank you mom and friends, we love you and are so THANKFUL!

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  1. Excited for your job!! First grade seems to be the place to be :) Miss u!