Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wedding, Moms, Friends...

We have been going, going, and going! But loving it! Let me rewind a bit!
We enjoyed a WONDERFUL weekend in ATL for Jake and Leigh's wedding. It was so neat to see one of our very close 'couple' friends tie the knot! The are getting back TODAY from Greece, I am a bit jealous. :) I kept telling Leigh, I was so excited about her coming to 'this side' of life (the married side).
The only bad part of the weekend, was it was our first mother's day AWAY from our mothers! My poor mom cried all day and I could not have felt more guilty! Ryan's mom was really sick. So I am the guilty daughter and daughter-in-law who feels so bad! Of course we sent cards and gifts in the mail before mother's day...and I know they understood us being gone at the wedding, but it was actually a lot harder on me than I thought! I just was reminded all day of how lucky we are to have such great mom's, each so different, but so great! There are so many reasons why we love them and to hug there neck the next weekend, was worth the wait! :)
Last weekend we went to Birmingham because Ryan had a work meeting. I took advantage of this opportunity of him being stuck at the meetings, and had a 'friend' day. It was SO great and it was MUCH needed! I had a a 'slight' break down to Ry a few weeks ago realizing I missed my friends so much! So this was the fix, for now at least! I started off the day going to see my friend, co-worker, past bible study leader, you name it, she is it! My sweet friend Kelly had her 2nd baby boy and I went to visit!
I then went to see Natalie (dear friend from JH Ranch, Auburn, OMES, we were in each others weddings, and since then). She and her husband bought the CUTEST house in Homewood and I got the grand tour! LOVE IT! Nat and I went on to eat lunch in downtown Homewood with Molly, Brittany, and Holli. We had a great time catching up and I loved just looking around and realizing I do still have BEST friends!
Nat and I went on to see one of my favorite families, the Bennetts. This is Nat's sister, who I have grown to love like family. They have 3 kids who I have babysat for for the past few years and I loved seeing them again, and Mindy, the mom! Nat and I got yogurt Mountain, YUM, and did some fun driving around Homewood spying on new friends houses, ha! I left Nat, and went to see another fav. family, the Barlows! 2 of the girls sang in my wedding and the youngest was my flower girl. The oldest was getting ready for prom and I got to see her all dolled up, there is NOT A BARLOW THAT IS NOT GORGEOUS!

I ended the great day with a family wedding of Ryan's cousin and a night of quality time with the in-laws. Love it!

Ryan and I spent Sunday at the Regions Charity Golf Tournament...I loved having time with the hubby and to top it off I got to FINALLY see my best friend from high school, Jess...she got engaged a few weeks ago and I have been dying to see her! We hung out with her fiance and some friends and enjoyed the tourney! Great weekend to say the least!


  1. Sorry I missed you!!! Can't wait until next week and get a summer and hopefully things can calm down! :)

  2. I wish that poor baby had clothes on! I didn't even think about it the other day! Trying to remember why was naked??