Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Life Lately...

The past few weekends have been very enjoyable with friends, family, house work, and quality husband-wife time. Ryan and I catch ourselves saying over and over, "I love our life". God has blessed us so much and we continue each day to be reminded of how content we are with where things are in our lives. Our God is an awesome God! :)

Ok here are a few pictures to re-cap the last few weeks of life:

I threw some-what of a surprise birthday party for Ryan and his co-workers, their wives (my friends) and their children. We had a fun day watching the Masters, cooking out, eating cake, and playing outside. Here is a quick snapshot of all the kids...Ryan is going to be a great GREAT dad! But not for a LONG time :) This picture makes me laugh...

I surprised Ryan on his actual birthday and had a professional painting of our boys made for him! He loved it and it was hung before the day was over. We are not those kind of people that are OBSESSED with our dogs, meaning life goes on even though we have 2 boys in our backyard...so we put it in a discreet spot in our bedroom so we could enjoy it, so others don't question our priorities :)

This past weekend, we had another garage sale...yes I said it, ANOTHER...I somehow got put in charge of our neighborhood garage sale and it was a big success. Here is mom helping load up a desk...she is the QUEEN of garage sales :) Mom and dad came to visit for the sale, and while mom and I made money, Ryan and my dad played golf...We enjoyed fun drinks and dinner with them the night before, too. It was a great weekend with my parents and I am so glad they came!

We finished the weekend by painting our shutters and front door, going to see the movie date night and enjoying some quality time together. :) I woke up Monday morning to run and couldnt get out the front door! It had dried shut! Don't worry, Ryan fixed it, after my ENTIRE side is bruised from trying get it open! ;)

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  1. I'm so glad you were able to find someone to paint the puppies for you! looks great :)