Sunday, May 30, 2010

Supper Club Cookouts!

I can not express how thankful I am for the new friends Ryan and I have met in Huntsville! Through bible study, church, Ryan's work, my work, and some mutual friends, we are so excited we are finding our nitch in H-town! We have started summer-time, supper club cookouts and the first one was a big success. I must say my favorite thing to do growing up was cook out with my sweet dad, so this helped the transition of life up here tremendously!

Here is the AMAZING food put together by all! We had shrimp kabobs, halibut (from our previous beach trip, blog post soon to come), steak, chicken, salad, baked beans, corn, tabouli, not to mentioned our yummy appetizers and chocolate cobbler and peach short cake! It was a wonderful spread! Take a look!

My new sweet girlfriends in Huntsville.
Shucking the corn for the awesome marinade Katie had in store!
I promise there were plenty of guys there, but of course the only one I thought about taking a picture of was Ry! :) Oh, and NO I am not pregnant, the shirt I had on had a kangaroo pouch on the front...don't get ANY ideas...
Us in action...actually the boys were in charge of the grill,
but we took advantage of the photo opp.

I am so glad Ryan and I have made friends and hopefully
we will make many more memories to cherish!

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