Thursday, December 22, 2016

Going to the chapel...

This past weekend, we got our first chance to be flower girls in a wedding. Not just any wedding, but Arabella and Jim's. I used to babysit for Arabella's family and her sister was MY flower girl! Plus, her sisters sang in my wedding! So it was so fun and a full circle to have my girls get to be a part of her day!

We started the weekend, by going to the Bridal Luncheon at Birmingham Country Club. It was just me and Mae that day, and it so so fun to go to a REAL tea party! Mae and I had a blast! She was so sweet, polite, and even had a special plate of chicken fingers and french fries (as opposed to our quiche and salad). She was in heaven!

We came home for a much needed, flower girl nap, and then my mom came to help me bathe the girls and get them all dressed up for the rehearsal. They did a great job sitting quietly in the church, thanks to a bag of tricks I had prepared, and they walked down the aisle perfectly without any hesitation. I was so glad, as I was a nervous wreck having a one year old in a wedding! They practiced with a rope, as they were going to hold garland the next day! Maggie loved being with the big kids!

We scooted over to the rehearsal dinner and met daddy who was waiting on us! We danced and watched the slideshow while we ate yummy food. The girls loved it! Especially seeing mommy and themselves in the video! Afterwards, Nonna and Kpa came and got the girls so they could get a good nights sleep before the big day and mommy and daddy could enjoy the evening. 

The next morning, after sleeping in, hallelujah!, I went to grab the girls. Arabella asked us to come see her while they were all getting ready and enjoy breakfast. The girls were the hit of the party and loved all of the attention. 

We headed home for an early nap. I went next door and my sweet neighbor did my makeup. Then we got the girls ready and headed to a beautiful house in Mountain Brook to meet up with the wedding party and get pictures taken. We made our way to the church and the girls played and got all their energy out! 

After an anxious wait, they MADE IT DOWN THE AISLE! Maggie stopped and greeted everyone as Mae did what she was told and held the garland. It was super sweet and funny! After the ceremony, we headed to Bridge Street and partied the night away with BB, Bup, Nonna, and Kpa. The sweet bride invited them so they could see their girls in their big debut! BB and Bup took the girls home after a bit and we stayed and danced with the bride and groom! 

Mae praying during the service. 

Thanks sweet Barlow family for including us in your special weekend! We had a blast and love you all! 

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