Monday, October 3, 2016

Labor Day Weekend

Labor day weekend was spent without any travel for the Harbuck girls, and daddy went on his annual Vegas trip with his college buddies.

We started off getting to pretend we owned a motor home and our neighbors gave us the grand tour of their place before they headed off to the beach. The girls were in heaven.

The girls had a sleepover on Nonna and K-Pa's house while I got a mom's night out with a dear friend of mine! Shopping and a movie! Good for the soul.

I met the girls at the club with my parents the next morning for some fun in the sun and lunch.

We watching Auburn football with my parents that night and had a yummy feast.

Church and lunch with my parents the next day and naps for all. We always wait for daddy on the front porch when he comes home from his day of work or trips.

On Monday, we went to BB and Bups house to swim at their pool and eat a yummy lunch. It was so fun, but we barely got any pictures on my phone! I used Bups phone for them and forgot to get them from him! The girls were worn out!

Happy Labor day to all!

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