Friday, October 21, 2016

Catch up!

Life has finally come to a new normal for us, with school in session and a good routine set for us. Mommy (OCD, cough cough) thrives on a schedule. Actually, lately we have really tried to say NO to things and really soak in this time we have together! I can't believe how fast it is already flying by. I am trying to say yes to my girls more, and no to others. Trying to simplify and live with less. And I have to say, I love it! I just read Emily Ley's new book, Grace not Perfection, and it hit the nail on the head! I highly suggest it!

Here is a quick catch up of other things we have been up to! Love my life with my girls and their daddy!

Maggie decided to take life easy fall asleep at school, TWO DAYS in a row.

Going to our new favorite pizza spot, Vecchia!

Shopping day with mommy!

Serving at church with mom! 

We got BOOed!

BB and Bup took the grandkids to Boo at the ZOO!

Spending quality time with their great grandmother. 

Lots of snuggles!

Carousel riding! Their favorite!

Me with my sweet class that I teach one day a week! Love being at the school with my girlies!

After nap, movie in mommies bed!

Mae's 3rd dentist appt! She ROCKED it! 

Playing tennis with Nonna!

Cooking out and cooking s'mores with neighbors who treat us like family!

Watching my boy get 2nd place in the PGA golf world! So proud of my college buddy, Patton!

Life is slow, steady, and oh so sweet!

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