Tuesday, August 9, 2016


This past month has been CRAZY, with a capital C. (hence the zero blog posts). We came back from our 10 day road trip to Charlotte, and Jax, and hit the ground running. We have had playdates, spend the night parties, birthday parties, pool days, neighborhood get togethers, and even more traveling.

When we got home, I hosted our neighborhood's first BUNCO at my home. We had a blast with fun, laughs, drinks, apps, and meeting new neighbors! Since then, we have had our 2nd BUNCO night and they are in full swing and so fun! Love our new neighborhood.

The Next week, we had VBS at our church. I loved getting love on children and tell them about the love of Jesus, and the girls loved getting to go, too! Church of the Highlands has been such a big part of our lives in the past 10 years, but since moving back, we have really committed to getting involved and Jesus is showing up big time in teaching us so much as a family!

We had some of our great friends from Auburn come into town to visit and spend the night. We ordered food at the food truck that was in our neighborhood and played yahtzee (our St. Clair/Harbuck tradition). Mae and Scarlett are the same age and they had a blast. The only picture I got was of sweet baby Walker taking a bath in our sink!

I left for a girls weekend to surprise my childhood friend who got engaged! She is the UF cheerleading coach and he proposed on the football field and then had all of us upstairs watching and waiting after. It was a weekend I will never forget and am so honored to be including in all the festivities!

The week after I got back, I got to take my sweet girl Mae to Tuscaloosa to see the UF cheerleaders compete at UCA cheer camp. I don't know if I was more excited or Mae. She wore my outfit from when I was little. Growing up and living in Florida, I got to do the same thing. So seeing her do it may years later, was heart melting. The cheerleaders couldn't have been sweeter to her!

Daddy has been out of town a lot lately for work, so we spend our time wisely and go get free food at Chickfila and dress up like cows! (Mama cow and baby cow not pictured)

The next week, Ryan surprised me with a sitter and a date night at my favorite, Bottega:

We had a beach trip planned for last week, but my poor mother in law got shingles and is having horrible complications from them now that the shingles are gone. She was supposed to keep the girls half of the week, and then my parents, so we canceled. It was so sad for us to miss out on our couples beach trip with friends from Charlotte, but we did enjoy some much needed relaxation from being on the go. Praying BB feels better REALLY soon! We miss her!

My mom did take the girls for one night (my dad was out of town on a fishing trip) and they had a sleepover: pizza, nail painting, coloring, included! Ryan and I packed a cooler and ventured to the pool. Then, cooked out steaks and SLEPT IN! Hallelujah!

I have accepted a position to teach at Mae and Maggie's Mother's Day out, one day a week. I am excited to get back into the teaching world by slowly going into it with one day a week. Plus, I will be up there when my girls are in school that day so it will be so great to all be together and get to know the teachers more! I have had teacher meetings and been working in our new classroom. I am excited to love on some other 3 year olds and teach them lots, especially about Jesus!

We had a fun weekend trip with some family friends, who have now become Ryan's new boss. We had a great trip with them and their older girls were great sitters and distractions for my girls!

My brother took the girls to the McWane Center and to lunch last week. He really is the best uncle ever. He sent me this: 

One of my former students in Auburn, has moved to Birmingham and lives down the street from us. His mom and I got really close, share a birthday, and have stayed in touch. They have been so sweet to invite the girls over to play lots and they have even come to our house to play and swim! The girls love their "jump-jump"!

My friend Heather gave me this book and I am halfway through: 

I think its working. Got rid of all of this!

I put my "Decorating Doll" hat back on and finished a clients house yesterday. I have been working with my neighbor as well, more pics to come on that soon! Really enjoying this little side gig!

With gymnastics, an 18 month check-up, teething, dealing with the summer heat, and trying to keep order in this crazy life of ours, so much has been going on, but we wouldn't trade a thing! Looking forward to a great school year for the girls and football season around the corner! War Eagle!

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