Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Our little firecraker, Maggie, is 18 months. 1.5 years. A year and a half. While it seems like she has been here forever, it also seems like she was just born! She is spunky, and sweet, fiesty, and snuggly,  sassy, and loving. She keeps us ON our toes, loves big, and has a mind of her own. We love her so much it hurts. 

She makes us laugh until we cry. She is so dang funny, even in her difficult times. She is extremely strong willed and will let you know if something is NOT going the way she had planned. 

Teething is NOT her best friend, and it has been a nightmare for us, but thankfully she now has 16 in her mouth, after lots and lots of torture. 

She hates having her diaper changed, clothes changed, and hair brushed. She loves bath time, any time involving food, and dancing. Her favorite spot is in her mama's lap. She loves her sister big, but doesnt show it well with her hair pulling and hitting these days. Working hard on that. Mama is at a loss. 

She loves to have her toes painted by Nonna only, if Mama does it she wants it off. She loves to get into drawers and make HUGE messes anywhere she goes. She is messy when she eats, plays, and lives. That's how we like her. 

She is really able to repeat any word we say, but usually mama and daddy are the only ones that can understand her most of the time. She loves to go to the pantry and find her own snack. She loves to do ANYTHING big sister does. She loves books, having her ear rubbed, snuggling, her pink blanket, and shoes. 

Her personality is to die for. She is always on point. She has the squarest, chubbiest little feet I have ever seen. Between a 4-5 shoe size currently. Her hair is wild, un-tamable, and curly. It is a mullet when it is wet, but shrinks up when dry. Daddy calls her "curly cucumber". 

We have sat on the potty a few times, because she sees mommy and big sis do it, so we are hoping it happens sooner than later. She tells me when she goes potty and hates a dirty diaper. 

At her 18 month check up, she was 25 lbs. The doctor said "she might have been the easiest 18 month old appt. I have had all week!" 
SEE, she can be sweet! 

She is a mama's girl. And I Love it. 

We love you little Margaret Ryan! Can't wait to see what God has in store for your life. BIG plans, I just know it!

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