Monday, January 4, 2016

Holiday Snapshot

Life has been C.R.A.Z.Y, with a capital C, but I want to document the past month so I do not get behind…The month of December in pictures:

We listed our house with an agent right after Thanksgiving and decided it was too hard to live away from daddy and keep the house spotless for house showings with 2 young babes…sooooo….We packed up the girls and headed south on Dec. 2 and have been living with my in-laws (bless them) ever since. They have been saints!

We visited Santa…you see how that went!

We said good bye to the BEST teachers ever and shed LOTS of tears!

and even more with our BEST BUDDY, Jackson!

and the best neighbors and play group ever!

Cant forget our fab babysitter!

 We got to Bham and looked ahead in full force! 
We took Mae on a date by herself with us to see Frozen and to Mexican. She had the time of her life! 

We have had lots of walks and exploring during the heat wave in December!

Treated ourselves to our sweet friends local ice cream pop-up shop!

Had lots of snuggles and smiles!

Have spent HOURS with play dough and arts and crafts!

Spent TWO visits to the Doctor and finally realized our little bug has a milk allergy! Almond milk is our new best friend! 

I threw my bestie a surprise baby shower and birthday dinner at Ashley Macs! Somehow did get the group shot on my phone!

Mae has been spoiled...

We had our favorite Barlow girls come visit, bring gifts, sing for us and play. 

Daddy even got spoiled. 

and Bup!

Chokeholds are a common thing around here these days: 

More walks!

Her favorite pastime: 

I rarely see her without a baby in her hand. She is a little mama. 

Mae loves riding in Bups front seat to see the Christmas lights and ride home from the neighborhood park!

Santa brought Mae a new bike!

and Maggie some musical instruments!

Our Christmas card this year!

Mommy and daddy got to sneak away for an adult night away in Montgomery. We stayed at the Renaissance and enjoyed a nap, yummy drinks, dinner, and fun with friends. 

We had to capture a kiss on Dec. 26th…it was the exact day of our first kiss…THIRTEEN years ago! Oh my, we are ancient. 

This girl owns me. 

We had a fun trip to the zoo with our friends Webber and Anne Doughton

Enjoyed our new tent Aunt Debbie and Uncle Mark got us!

Had picnics on the kitchen floor with Nonna. 

Visited our new house and bought lots of furniture!

Have had some really fun times with our cousins!

Concentrating hard on our drawings: 

Fun at the Ross Bridge Christmas party!

Christmas church service: 

Bike riding with BB:

Gingerbread house making with mommy:

We visited the carousel lots: 

Watermelon is our fruit of choose around here, no clothes needed: 

So then we bathe, lots!

Mae had her first manicure with BB:

We got to experience the sweetest moment ever. Ryan's cousin adopted a sweet baby from China and we got to welcome Hallie Grace home at the airport! 

We helped Bup clean out his pool…LOTS: 

Rode to the park illegally: 

These pictures are only SOME of all we have done…we have been jam packed between my parents house and the Harbucks, meeting up with old friends for lunch dates, drinks, walks and more! So excited about living here and making a new life for ourselves in a place we have already called home before! 

The best news of the month was accepting a Full Price offer on our house and we are officially under contract as of Dec. 31! To God be the Glory!

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