Monday, January 25, 2016

Baby girl is 1!

I just can not even believe how fast this year flew by! It makes me sad how quick life can pass us by! We celebrated sweet Maggie with a small family and close friends birthday party on her actual birthday, 1-23, so we went with a 123 theme! We had it at our new neighborhood clubhouse, because our house is upside down from moving last week! More to come on that!

This year has been the best most rewarding yet, but also one of our most difficult! Maggie has had some rough past couple of months with ear infections, diary allergy, moving around and in between houses, but things are looking up! 

Maggie has the appetite of a grown man. She eats anything and everything and cant ever get enough! (no dairy of course)

She loves the park and to swing. Swinging gets a smile on her face like never before! Mae loves to push her! 

I have to admit, Maggie loves her mommy, and I am totally ok with that. She would rather come to me than anyone else in most cases. I dont blame her with all she has had going on these past few months! 

Maggie girl loves any music and can dance to a beat anytime she hears it starting. Cracks me up. 

She has a special relationship with her pink lovey blanket. She immediately puts her thumb in her mouth and head on my shoulder when I give it to her. It calms her down in any instance and is her comfort at all times. 

She was 65% in height and weight this morning at the dr. She weighs 21 lbs and 14 ounces. 

She makes hilarious facial expressions. Stern, confused, happy, and the 'youve got to be kidding me' look. 

5/6 diaper changes a day, she has a dirty diaper. I guess its all this food she eats! NON STOP!

We love you little munchkin, bear cub, pork chop, and punkin. We cant get enough of you and look forward to watching you grow! We praise Jesus for you!

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