Friday, September 11, 2015

labor day

We had a fun Labor day back home in Alabama with family and friends. Mae and Maggie (and myself) were ALL spoiled. Ryan went on his annual trip to Vegas with his friends and we hit the road for the long drive to Birmingham. 

The girls loved a new house to play in and new toys to play with! 

K-Pa and Mae made Kale smoothies daily. 

Mae LOVED the art Nonna had for her.  

We headed to the club for some swimming and lunch. 

We surprised Bup at work! Then had dinner with BB afterwards!

Nonna and mommy had adult coloring contests, and played boatloads of scrabble and yahtzee. 

K-pa loved his sidekick. She never left his side. 

We scooted over to BB and Bups house for fun in their pool! Mae even got to spend the night!

Great Aunt Martha came to visit!

We crammed our schedule packed full of friend visits and playdates!

We went to church with Nonna and K-pa and ate lunch at our favorite BBQ spot!

Nonna took over bathtime and gave mommy a break!

Loving on each other. 

Like mother, like daughter. 

We had a great trip and hate we live so far away! Thanks for all of the spoiling!

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