Wednesday, September 23, 2015

8 short months.

This month has come along with lots of new fun things for Maggie!

On August 30th, she finally got her FIRST tooth! Her bottom left. On September 7th, the second bottom one came in! Bring on more chompers!

On August 31st she said bye-bye, and on September 11th she said da-da. She has mouthed the "M" sound but nothing will come out no 'mama' yet.

Also, on September 11th she clapped for the first time. Her sister loves helping her and she is so proud when she does it.

She still has not crawled or pulled up and her favorite past time is sitting on the floor with a basket of toys to herself. She sees no need in rushing to get around.

She knows how to spin around on her belly and grab things close enough. Everything possible goes in her mouth. She is not hating tummy time as much as she used to.

Mae and Maggie are best friends. They think each other are hilarious and Mae truly enjoys making her laugh and pretending she is her own child to mother. Be. still. my. heart. Mae's 'mommy voice' owns me.

Maggie is also starting to 'converse' back and forth with us. We say 'agh' and then she will say 'agh' and it can go on for days. She loves it.

She will have her first visit to Auburn tomorrow and experience the what tailgating is all about.

She is still in size 3 diapers but will be in 4's soon. She is a chunk! She has been exclusively breast fed, but we are starting to supplement formula tonight (If I dont cave in). She has been waking up at night which is NOT like her, due to her sleeping through the night at 4 weeks, so we are thinking she needs a little night cap. Mama needs her sleep, and sweet baby girl needs it more!

She weighed 18 lb. 11 oz today at the dr. (mama overreacted for the 3rd time, and yet nothing is wrong with her, dr. keeps telling us she is perfect!)

She is still the smiliest, happiest baby during the day and loves when anyone and everyone gives her attention. She is loving being the only child two days a week while Mae is at school.

We love you sweet Mags! Now, you better not wake up tonight! ;)

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