Thursday, May 14, 2015

Our Maggie Mae

Mae vs. Maggie: 

I have been slowly recording differences in my phone of how opposite Mae and Maggie have been in comparison to each other. I never ever want to compare them against each other and will always treat them each as their own person. However, I love seeing their unique personalities already drastically different from each other and wanted to document!

Here they are in the same outfit at approximately the same age. My sweet friend, Amy, gave us this outfit and we get to use it twice!

As you can tell in the picture, the first immediate thing to notice is how serious Mae was and how happy and outgoing Maggie is. I think Mae was always happy as well, but it took a song and dance to get her to smile. You just glance at Maggie and her face lights up with the biggest smile I have ever seen. 

Mae has a darker, olive complexion and so far Maggie's is pretty fair with light pink cheeks. 

Mae was born with a ton of dark hair and never lost any of it. Maggie had dark hair when she was born too, but it is slowly falling out and a really light color is coming in. Sometimes I think blonde like my side of the family had, but sometimes I see a little strawberry blonde, like I had as well. 

Mae started sucking her 2 fingers early on and Maggie is a thumb sucker. She sucks her right thumb only and sucks on her entire left hand at times. She hasn't quite figured out there is a thumb over there, too. 

Maggie spits up ALL the time, A LOT. Mae maybe spit up twice in her whole life. We did not use one burp cloth with her. Now, we use them ALL! 

A difference in birth stories is Mae was induced and we had a set date for her to come. She came a day late. With Maggie she came on her own and was a week early. 

In the hospital, one of the hardest times of me being a parent, was having Mae whisked away for some oxygen issues and being in the NICU for 24 hours. Once we got her back they would let her sleep at night in the nursery and they would take her away to bathe her and do certain newborn screening tests. With Maggie, she came and never left our side. They did all of her tests in the room with us, bathed her, and they didn't allow her to go in the nursery at night. 

Nursing did not go as well as I would have liked for Mae. I wasnt very informed on how to keep my milk production up, so I slowly lost my milk supple by 5 months. With Maggie, it is going great and I Plan to do it much longer than with Mae. It is so much easier this go-round. 

Mae has always been the best sleeper and Maggie is too. For that I am beyond thankful. When Mae goes down she does not fight it, goes easily, enjoys her bed and sleeps great. She is a light sleeper. Maggie fusses as she goes to sleep. Not for long, but just her way of drifting off. She is a much heavier sleeper! (I think it is because she is used to her loud sister from the beginning!)

So far those are the major difference I have seen in our girls. I love putting Maggie in Mae's clothes when she was a baby and thinking back of the sweet times of her in them, and now enjoying times with Maggie in them. I never in my wildest dreams thought we would have two girls, but I would not have it any other way. One true thing that both girls have in common is how much we adore and love them each! We are more than B.L.E.S.S.E.D!

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