Sunday, May 24, 2015

4 months young

As everyone always says...time is flying. But so much fun! This past month so much has happened! She enjoyed her first pool experience: 

She is a chunky monkey! We go to the doctor Tuesday for her well visit, but if I had to guess she is well over 14 lbs. She is in Size two diapers.

On May 1, rolled over from belly to back on a raised pillow. She is SUPER close to rolling from back to belly but just cant figure out her arm in the way. 

On April 26th. she had her first longest stretch of sleep ever: 730pm-645am

She first laughed in Birmingham with my dad on April 4 and her first cold was April 27 along with her sister. 

She grabbed first toy on May 4 and begin putting it into her mouth on May 18th. She is drooling like crazy and sucking on her hands constantly. I think she will get her first teeth super early like her sister did at 5 months. 

On May 5 she found thumb more consistently and rolled over on flat surface. 

She most recently has started to showing interest in holding on to the bottle. I haven't quite let go yet, but she usually has at least one hand clutched to it while she drinks that nighttime bottle of pumped milk. 

She is now starting to realize that I will ALWAYS come get her after she wakes up so she is waking up more happy and not crying lately. The best BEST part of the day is going in to get her and greeted with the BIGGEST smile ever. I noted in the last blog post how smiley she is and happy. She is quite possibly the easiest baby ever and is so go-with-the-flow. 

Maggie laughed with a voice may 9 as her daddy played with her. Melt my heart. 

Her first time in the church nursery was on Mother's Day May 10. They said she slept the entire time 
in her car seat and didn't make a peep. That's my girl. Mae's first time in the church nursery was Mother's Day too. I cried the entire time. But this time I held it together!

This past month we have had that evil 45 minute intruder after she takes a nap, where she wakes up fussy but eventually would go back to sleep most of the time. She also had a growth spurt last week waking up at 430ish starving. Thank the LORD that is over. 

Maggie LOVES watching her crazy sister and smiles at her all the time. Mae is so sweet to her and talks to her in a baby voice that is to die for. 

We love our Maggie girl! (even though you might think we dont after shots on Tuesday! eek!)

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