Friday, March 6, 2015

Organization 101

I have recently come across a girl on instagram that I have grown to love. Not sure if it is because we both had our 2nd pregnancy together and birthed babies within days of each other, or because she is the queen of organization. She invented something called the simplified planner. If you know me, I love all things simple and I get giddy when I buy a new planner and can organize my life all in that one little book. Her name is Emily Ley. Her website is and I love her. She doesn't even know me and I love her! She is an adorable girl, seems around my age, loves her hubby and her kids, and is so real and raw with her life on instagram. So, I get so excited each time she posts something new!

Today, she posted an excerpt on her blog about having a schedule and sticking to it now that she owns her own business, is a wife, and mom of 3 now. She posted some helpful information on how to starts her day and keeps her home afloat. She gets up before her kids on purpose, takes a shower, gets dressed in REAL clothes (imagine that!), does a load of laundry, straightens, takes trash from every room, etc. She has a plan and a routine and she gets it done, daily.

It got me thinking of things I do to help stay organized and I thought I would share. The only reason I share these, are in hopes that any readers can comment below or let me know their favorite and unique ways that help them stay sane in this crazy world we call "life". Here are my top 5 keys to staying organized...PLEASE share yours! It keeps me motivated!

1) If I do not need it, I do not have it in my house. I am a minimalist at heart and I love to clean out and sort through my things every few weeks. I discard, donate, take clothes to consignment, and give away! The feeling it gives me is my favorite!

2) I make lists. A "to-do" list is always in session during my day. I crave to mark things off. I even put silly things on there that are part of my every day life, but that make me feel like I have accomplished something. I keep a to-do list on my phone mostly and delete as I complete. Some are long term items and some are short term. I try to mark one off at least once a day if not more.  I love adding to it things as soon as they cross my mind for me to do, because if its written there, I can get it off my mind and let my children have all of me instead. I even have a "Ryan to-do" list of things I need him to help me with at home or ideas I have for pieces I want him to build me. I think he secretly loves his list...I sure do love mine.

3) I do a load of laundry every day. Small or big, once gets done. Washed, dried, folded, and put away. On that note, I do a load of dishes every day as well. Side note: I loathe unloading the dishwasher.

4) If I leave the house, which is usually at least once a day because I will lose my sanity if I do not, then I leave my house in good condition. For the most part, things are put in their place, dishes are not in the sink, toys are in a basket, and counters/tables are cleaned off. It gives me major anxiety to leave my house a mess. It is a personal problem, I know!

5) I teach organization at an early age. That is right, Mae has a role. She knows the clean up song and we sing it often. Even though she is so young, she still is a human and an active member of our family. Therefore, she can help. Of course it is age appropriate. Some days I am more lax than others, but I make sure she takes responsibility in her own items but putting them back where they belong or atleast helping me when I do. (sometimes it is one block for her, 20 for me, but we are working in that direction!)

Ok, so those are my SIMPLE 5 things that I do to stay on might think, geez girl, everyone does those, and you might! But if you have something you do that makes your day easier and more sane, I would love to hear!


  1. Ha! Emily and I went to middle school together. She's the sweetest person and you two would totally be in real life friends!

    1. This made me day! Love her! And would love to be her friend ha!