Thursday, February 19, 2015

Our new life...

This first month has been filled with new memories, new moments, new norms, new adjustments, and our new family of 4. Here it is documented in pictures:

Lots of kisses:

Our first family of 4 picture:

Mae says, "I hold it"

In case she forgets her name starts with an 'M':

Lots of snoozing:

The cutest little feet I ever did see:

My beautiful mom getting snuggles and spent 10 days with us:

Sporting sunglasses in PJs:

Introducing Maggie to Eli:

Lots of snuggles:

Lots of intentional one on one time with our girl, this was us feeding the ducks:

Sharing Nonna's glasses:

My 2 girls:

They love their Nonna, as do I!

Our first date night out! One week into it!

I came downstairs and his exact words were: " I am in heaven "

Lots of morning snuggles with all 4 of us in bed on weekend mornings:

Smiling in her sleep:

I could eat her up:

Our first outing as a family of 4, Mellow Mushroom for Jackson's birthday!

Homegirl likes to be swaddled...alot:

I see you...

Mae sneaks up on her all the time...our new favorite is gentle!

I get a good amount of snuggles myself:

She is obsessed with being a big sister:

Our first time to the neighborhood park and on a walk!

We had a Valentine's party with all of Mae's friends:

Leaving her Valentine's party at school:

Did I say we like to snuggle?

It is true...

We had 3 birthday parties last weekend and one this weekend: Princess party!

Art party!

"Are you serious? Ryan and Leighton produced me?" Yes, yes we did. 

Chunky Monkey. I told you I dont make small babies!

Next post, my first baby will be TWO! Tear...and my 2nd baby will be one month. 

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