Thursday, October 23, 2014

Last of the home tour...

I took full advantage of the maid being here and snapped some pictures of our master bedroom and bathroom while it was clean. It will not last for long! I have contemplated even showing these 2 rooms because they are both about to change a good bit, Starting Nov. 3, we are gutting our bathroom. Tearing down a wall, new shower, new countertops, new tub, new floor, new toilet, new paint, painting cabinets, new sinks, etc. We will add open shelving similar to the kitchen that Ryan built, a sliding barn door, and then that will lead us to re-positioning all of our master bedroom furniture. Which I really want to do anyway! I am PUMPED to say the least! We wanted to do this renovation when we first moved in, but putting our down payment on our house, prevented us from paying cash, and if you know us, we love Dave Ramsey and like cash. I mean who doesnt? So without further a-do, here it is!

I love the french doors that open into our room! My favorite part of it all!

Almost all of the furniture in here is antique and was handed down to us by our 2 families. The vanity was mine when I was little girl. Ryan built this end table.

We used Pottery Barn credit from our wedding to buy the headboard and Ryan built the end piece at the foot of our bed. The armoir in the corner was my parents and came all the way from England. The dresser was mine when I was little as well.

I made the curtains.
 This is a gun our bedroom. Yes, random I know. But we have so many great antique pieces we just can not get rid of them and this was the only spot for it! Just do not break into our house. I tried to lighten the mood of this wall by adding a picture from our wedding, ha!

 This neat desk and chair was given to us by Ryan's parents on our last move. I love to do my hair here each day.

Now on to the bathroom. It is not bad. It just needs our touch. We could live with this bathroom, minus the shower, it must go asap.

I am going to keep the mirrors, light fixtures (I changed out the globes) and faucets for now. Not exactly what I want, but will work.

I hate this gigantic soaker tub and went with something more narrow but still deep.

We really want a water closet here, but it would completely close off the bathroom. So we got a new toilet to install and Ryan will add some open shelving eventually.

Here is the dreaded shower. The wall to the right of it is coming down, the ceiling is being lifted, and we are adding seamless glass surround and giving it a whole new look!

And for a little taste of what is to come, here are some of my tile choices. We have narrowed them down but you will just have to wait and see what we chose! I. can. not. wait.

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