Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer Fun Continues

This summer has been full of busy days, but also full of fun times. My best friend Amy came up to Auburn to spend the night with me. We then left bright and early and went to Market in Atlanta! It was overwhelming but so fun! This is a view of just one of the 3 huge buildings!Amy owns a business, so I got to be her guest. She was so excited and bought so much! I was just along for the ride!
We were LOADED down with bags! It was so fun! We are going back again one of these days!
Ryan and I have enjoyed Auburn's restaurant's and bars. We have gone out with friend's and just us. Last night we enjoyed watching the National Championship re-run at Moe's bbq and enjoyed our time together!
Ryan's sweet dad, Max, came in town to spend the day with us, while his wife Becky is at the family house in Maine with her mother. We went to lunch, toured Auburn's campus, snuck into the football stadium, visited the new arena, and stalked Auburn's football camp for recruits. Then we went to a nice dinner, courtesy of Max, my ffil :)
This week, I am off to Birmingham for some much needed mom time, 2 Willow House parties, and some friend time. Then back to Auburn for my launch Willow House party! Have a great week!

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