Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Back in the game...

Since the big move, I have not been couponing as much as I have wanted to. I was trying to clear out and eat what we had before we moved, then once we moved in it was just easier to buy things for just a few days or go out to eat. So...TODAY, I am back in the game. I did go to Kroger and Publix, but bought ALL of this for 66 bucks! I am pumped! I got meat too, which isnt usually in a ticket that low! Check it out:
2 jars of Emerald peanuts
1 can of Planter's peanuts
2 All detergents
3 Uncle Bens rice boxes
Sirloin steak
7 lbs. of chicken
bottled water
Nature's Own bread
Bagel thins
Fresh Express lettuce
1 box of Ritz Crackers
3 bags of Bird's Eye Viola
3 tomatoes
1 green pepper
1 onion
1 jar of Smucker's preserves
1 Jar of Mayo
One package of hotdogs
1 Box of graham crackers
1 package of orbit gum
2 Tubes of Pringles
24 bottled waters
2 rolls of paper towels
1 box of granola bars
I saved over 100 with sales and coupons. I am so pumped!

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