Monday, May 9, 2011


We had a wonderful mother's day with our mom's in Huntsville. They so graciously drove up here to see us. Ryan and I both cooked a meal for them and our dad's got to join in too :) We made chicken kabobs, salad, and dirty brown rice. We also made a chocolate chip pound cake with ice cream for them. We gave them earrings we bought for them in Puerto Rico and had fun spending time with family we love so much. We appreciate our moms so much! They are very different from each other and we love them for that! Between the 2 of them, we have the best moms in the world! Happy Mother's Day!

Dad and I went and got sale balloons for our open house! Pray it sells soon PLEASE! We had 2 families comes yesterday and one wants to lease to purchase. We are going to hold out and hopefully someone else will buy it!

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  1. Cute idea to have both Moms come for a meal! So sweet!! Hope the house sells!!!!