Thursday, May 19, 2011

Getting closer...

Time is passing so quickly and lots of things are getting closer:

-End of school! I am loving my class so much and will miss them next year!

-We are really trying to soak up our time in Huntsville! Our time to move is getting closer and leave here. We have been to the Huntsville Stars minor league games, the Whistlestop barbque fest, movies with friends, cookouts, etc. We are so sad to leave here!

Here we are at Whistlestop downtown. We were with our big group of Huntsville friends, but somehow I didnt get a picture of all of us! :(

-We are getting so much closer to moving to Auburn! Ryan moves in June and will live in a hotel until we rent or sell our house. We had decided we were going to rent it out becuase we have people knocking down our door to rent...BUT we had 3 people come see the house yesterday, someone is coming BACK today, and a new person Monday. PRAY it works out! We would LOVE to sell it! We are excited to move to AU in such a short time. Ryan just called and said we are soon to be members of the Auburn University Club! They have golf, swim, TENNIS, and dining! I am so excited! Come visit us!

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  1. Yeah! Congrats on all things above. So happy for you and Ryan. Can't wait to hear about the house!