Monday, April 25, 2011

What we have been up to lately...

Since we are leaving Huntsville soon, we have really tried to take advantage of our time here and really do love it here so much! Here is what we have been up to lately!

Dinner with the Wydner's

Cookout's with Friends

Celebrating our big move!

Enjoying Huntsville's nightlife and Ryan getting a workout at the same time :)

Ryan's softball games

Enjoying Huntsville's downtown square!

Enjoying the beautiful weather and our boys :)

Cooking out with the Dambro's, we miss them already, and we havent even moved yet!

We look forward to many more memories here and many more to come in our new life in Auburn!


  1. Yeah! Fun post and you WILL be missed. Excited for your new life and glad we were here for a moment together. Pumped to follow your new life in Auburn. xo