Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Tomorrow is Ryan's birthday. I havent said ONE word about it coming up on purpose. I want Ryan to think I forgot about it so I can give him this at his softball game (team name: The Good Tryers) tonight with all grown men...

SHHH, dont tell him...and no, he doesnt look at this blog EVER unless I send him the link over and over. Do you think he will be embarrassed? Don't kid yourself, he will LOVE it! He is married to me, a 1st grade teacher :)

Tomorrow morning I will wake him up with this...

Small birthday gift I know, but the big one is we are off to:

PUERTO RICO!!! Wahoo! Happy Birthday, Ryan!


  1. Such a cute wife :) Ya'll have soooo much fun in Puerto Rico!!

  2. I'm so jealous!! Hope yall have a great trip and happy birthday Ryan!

  3. Good job on the cake, Leighton!! Pumped for your trip and your next chapter. Have so much fun.