Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We are finally and really #1!

Ryan and I both say that this trip has been the best from all of our trips so far (Mexico, NYC, beach, lake, Nashville, Atlanta, Jacksonville, etc.) We had such a good time cheering on our alma mater, but also being with each other, friends, and WITH Auburn. It was so neat to see a swarm of orange and blue everywhere we went. We will NEVER forget this experience for as long as we live! War Eagle! I am so proud to be an Auburn Tiger!


  1. Congrats Leighton! Glad you had so much fun. It was a great game. Awesome pictures and I can tell you had an awesome time.

  2. Leighton....Jenna and 2 friends drove from Los Angeles. Jenna was ALL decked out in Auburn gear...thought everyone elsse should have been too!!!hehehe (you can ask her opinion on this:) I'll have to tell her YOU dressed for the game......her style:)) She also said it was THE MOST AMAZING trip. She'll have to tell you about it:) They were AT THE STADIUM at 9 am. :) Soaking in every second of the atmosphere:)) WAAAARRRRR EAAGGLLEE!!!!!

  3. WAR CAM EAGLE!!! WHOO HOO!!! So glad ya'll had a blast and you can always tell your kids and grandkids about going to Arizona to watch our tigers become National Champs :)