Saturday, January 29, 2011

Birmingham Visit

We had a bitter sweet quick trip to Birmingham last weekend. I was excited to celebrate Ryan's mom's birthday and sweet Holli and her new baby coming so much! We celebrated at La Paz for dinner with Ryan's parents and brother and his sweet baby, our niece, Kathryn. She is so stinking cute! We missed seeing Martha my sister-in-law and Grace Anne! Ryan's brother and his mother at her birthday dinner:
Uncle Ryan holding his adorable niece:
Then Saturday morning I was up bright and early to throw one of my best friend's Holli a baby shower! She got so many cute things and I was so glad to spend some time with her...

and friends Jess and Mols...

Mom snuck in to get me afterwards so we could grab a quick bite to eat with Mrs. Linda! I love spending time with these 2 ladies who mean so much to me and have been such a special part of my life!

We had to rush back home becuase our sweet Buck, Ryan's dog since high school, was diagnosed with heartworm and he had a very extensive treatment. He is doing MUCH better now but has to be on doggie "bed rest" for 6 weeks before ANOTHER treatment. Here is Ryan loving on Buck:

The reason our trip was bitter sweet was becuase of Buck and also becuase Ryan's other sweet grandfather is in ICU. He had emergency hernia surgery and after that his oxygen levels went down and now he is on a ventilator! The sweet Harbuck family has been so much this past year, and Trees (Ryan's grandfather) is such a wonderful member of their family. Please keep him in your prayers that he may heal soon and be back to normal! He has such a sweet spirit and means so much to this family! Trees is on the far right, and his Daddy Ralph, passed away last October. Our grandparents mean SO much to us!


  1. You and Ryan look super cute holding that beautiful baby! Praying for Ryan's grandfather now.

  2. You are looking like Weight Watcher ADVERTISEMENT!!! :)))) But don't lose didn't NEED to but I know how you girls are:)) Praying for Ryan's gradfather:( Hope he's had a good day....