Tuesday, September 21, 2010


My father in law, Max, and I joke all the time about how he is my favorite father in law! I know he is my only one that I will ever have, but I got REALLY lucky having such a wondeful set of in-laws!

So I have to publicly confess I made A BIG uh-oh. I am the WORST daughter in law it may seem! I FORGOT their wedding anniversary! Yes, it was on my best friends wedding day, Jess, but there is NO excuse! I make this public confession and hope they had a WONDERFUL anniversary, especially getting to witness another couple start their marriage. Of all times to miss theirs, the first time they have an anniversary that first year I have married their son and here I messed up royally. I hate that I missed it and hope to make it up to them August 28th next year!

I am so thankful to Max and Becky for how great they are to Ryan and me. They are so loving, caring, generous, thoughtful...the list goes on and on. I could not ask for a better set of 2nd parents! We love their visits to Huntsville, our visits to see them, and any emails or phone conversations we can get! I do not tell them often enough how thank we are for them and to have them in our lives! I love Max's text messages, poems on special events, prayers before dinner, funny stories, help with Life insurance, and especially his love for his boys. I love Becky's constant thoughtfulness, random phone calls, gift wrap surplus, great meals, encouragement, and especially her love for her boys. Ryan and I have learned so much from their marriage and thank them for the guidance and impact they have made on our own marriage! We love you mom, dad, Max and Becky! Cheers to many more anniversaries to you that I DONT FORGET!

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